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Scopus LibGuide: Author profile

Review and update your profile

Despite the sophistication of the algorithmic profiling used by Scopus, algorithms cannot always match all documents to a single profile with 100% accuracy.  

If there are several Author Profiles for one person and you are confident that they are duplicates, you can request to have the profiles merged via the Author list page. 

Also, you can use the Scopus Author Feedback Wizard to review their Scopus profiles and submit feedback, including the ability to: 

  • Set a preferred name 

  • Merge profiles 

  • Add and remove documents 

  • Update affiliation 


Assess author impact

Explore an Author’s Profile to see which research areas they are active in and their impact by reviewing 

  • Subject areas 

  • Documents by author 

  • Total citations  

  • h-index  

  • Co-authors 

  • Top Contributed to Topics

Author Profile sample

Scopus Author Profiles

Scopus Author Profiles allow researchers to: 

  • Showcase research output 

  • Demonstrate impact and collaborations  

  • Update personal and departmental websites, CV’s and institutional profiles 

Author Profiles allow potential employers and funding agencies to:  

  •  Evaluate your work quickly and easily in one place 

  •  Inform hiring and promotion decisions 

  •  Decide which researchers or teams of researchers will receive research grants

Creation of Scopus Author Profiles

Scopus is the only database that implements algorithmic and systematic author disambiguation. Powerful algorithmic data-processing groups papers to an individual's profile with a high degree of accuracy based on matching of name, email, affiliation, subject area, citations, and  co-authors.

Using Scopus Author Profiles

Review your Author Profile to make sure it is up to date with the latest publications, and citations. 

Use Author Profiles to look for other researchers (globally and locally) active in the same research field for collaboration or to review the latest research your colleagues have published.

Search for authors using the Author search functionality.

Use your Author Profile on other platforms

Navigate to your Scopus Author Profile page to connect your profile to: 

  • ORCID: Connect to ORCID via the ORCID page by logging in or setting up an account 

  • NIH: Export your list of documents > select RIS format and select Citation information to export > log in to your NCBI account and import the file to the manage by bibliography area 

  • Export profile to SciVal