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Engineering Village LibGuide: Using Engineering Village

A guide for how to get started, search, personalize and take advantage of Engineering Village.

Find step-by-step instructions with screenshots for how to get the most out of search, creating alerts and more.

Search in Engineering Village

How to search in Engineering Village:

  • Use the ‘Search” menu [1] in the header to select your search form: 

  • ‘Quick’ [2] for guided searching using field selection, multiple search rows, and AutoSuggest [3] 

  • ‘Expert’ [2] to use advanced search syntax for fine-grained control of your search, and  

  • ‘Thesaurus’ [2] to explore engineering terms and their relationships 

  • If your subscription includes multiple databases, use the deduplication feature [4] on the search results page to select a preferred database 

  • Narrow your search results using a variety of filters [5] – publication year, document type, controlled vocabulary, and many more – available on the left side of the results page 

  • Select ‘Search history’ [6] from the header menu to view or re-run your searches. These searches can also be combined to form new results 

Author & affiliation search

  • Search for authors and affiliations from the Compendex database
  • View disambiguated results and set search alerts for specific authors or affiliations. 

Create alerts

  • When you’re a registered user, you can take advantage of alerts, personalized features and organizational tools, allowing you to stay up to date on the latest research, re-run searches and more 

  • Create an email alert from the Search results page [1]

  • You can also create an alert from your ‘Search history’ from the Engineering Village navigation bar [2]

  • Manage your alerts from the ‘Alerts’ link in the Engineering Village navigation bar [3]


  • Click ‘Settings’ to view or edit your profile and general settings in Engineering Village.  

Selected records

  • Click ‘Selected records’ to view the document records you have collected from the Search results page so you can email, print, download or set up an Alert.* 

Tags & groups

  • Click ‘Tags & Groups’ to search Tags that are public, private or specific to your institution, view or edit Groups or rename or delete tags.