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Reaxys LibGuide: Home

A guide for how to get started, search, personalize and take advantage of Reaxys.

What is Reaxys?

Designed by chemists, Reaxys is a web-based, chemical search engine that allows you to search for chemical reactions, (parts of) chemical structures and substance properties.

In this LibGuide, you can find more information about the possibilities of Reaxys, using the navigational tabs at the top of the screen. 

  • Reaxys is a highly curated, easy-to-use, decision support tool, built on high-quality data and harnessing the power of advanced analytics, machine learning and AI. It is also the leading database for bioactivity data. Researchers and students use Reaxys to find, connect and utilize chemistry literature, patents, and property & reaction data to expand their knowledge, accelerate research and advance science. Reaxys also supports teaching excellence in chemistry education.

    • Reaxys excerpts and quickly retrieves the most relevant chemical information, so you can: 

      • Decide how and which compounds to make with confidence 

        • Find state-of-the-art routes to synthesize molecules with superior properties 

    • Discover novel molecules with improved activities against specified targets 

    • Stay current with updates on new chemistry publications and patents 

    • Find the most reliable vendors of starting materials and intermediates 

    • Search integrated in-house and external data 

Content repositories

  • Reaxys contains comprehensive chemistry, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology data. And it indexes chemical information with six taxonomies for an interdisciplinary view. Reaxys offers a broad range of data types from patents, journals and books.