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Funding Institutional LibGuide: Home

Learn more about how to use, and support, Funding Institutional to locate funding opportunities and glean intel through awards and funder profiles.

Funding Institutional

Gain a competitive edge with a holistic view of the research funding landscape with Funding Institutional, a single solution that combines your institution's internal funding opportunities with over 22,000 active funding opportunities sourced from over 5,500 global funders, fortified with information from over 6.7 million awarded research grants.


Funding Institutional informs your research program strategy by helping you to find active, accurate funding opportunities from public and private funding organizations in a timely manner, and by offering insight into research that has already been funded in your area of interest.

Get started with Funding Institutional

Available on a subscription basis, Funding Institutional is accessed via IP authentication and a user-specific login and password. The login provides user-specific customization and bespoke features such as saved searches and opportunity tracking. For assistance with a login, please consult your institution's Funding Institutional administrator.


In support of rolling out Funding Institutional, here's a video that provides a high-level look at how Funding Institutional works:

Funding Institutional webinars

From how Funding Institutional "works" to how it's used to support early-career researcher programming at two universities, here are a few past Funding Institutional webinars that might be of interest:

Other Funding Institutional videos

Funding Institutional videos are accessible on YouTube, where you will find a whole library of videos on Scopus, SciVal and other Elsevier solutions that support meeting strategic research goals.

Get help with using Funding Institutional

Here are a few resources to aid with onboarding, training and support:

  • Funding Institutional User Guide: 
    • Updated in March 2021, the Funding Institutional User Guide provides an overview of Funding Institutional data, modules and features such as search, save searches, track, share and export
  • Funding Institutional Support Center:
    • Written in FAQ format, the Funding Institutional Support Center offers quick tips, covering topics such as user privacy and data selection and acquisition
  • Elsevier Funding Content Scope and Selection Procedure:
    • This guide provides a comprehensive look at the funding data that powers Funding Institutional, from the basis on which opportunity and award data is selected to how it's obtained from the funder
  • Funding Institutional Quick Start Guide:
    • This guide explains how to perform the searches - quick and advanced - and save, track and share them 

Library marketing toolkit for Funding Institutional

To help you to promote Funding Institutional use in your institution, here are e-banners, in varying formats, as well as a poster, created in PowerPoint, that you can customize to provide your contact information and library branding:

Funding Institutional releases & roadmap

We work continuously to add more funding opportunities and awards data and improve the overall search experience with Funding Institutional. Keep up-to-date with recent releases and learn more about future enhancement with our 2021 roadmap.