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Engineering Village LibGuide: Home

A guide for how to get started, search, personalize and take advantage of Engineering Village.

What is Engineering Village?

Engineering Village is a platform that enables in-depth search and discovery of both current, archival and interdisciplinary content comprising research and technical information in the applied engineering and physical science domains. It hosts highly-curated databases in which content from global publishers is indexed from journals, conference proceedings, trade publication, dissertations, standards, books, patents and technical reports.

What are A&I databases?

Engineering Village features several abstract and indexing (A&I) databases, which curate and index research abstracts, facilitating search and discovery, and link to the full-text articles.* Indexing databases rely on metadata and ontologies to retrieve the most relevant results, saving you time.

*Full-text articles are not provided, unless your institution subscribes to the underlying full-text content.